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Hanne Lore Koehler - Sun Drenched Orchid

Sun Drenched Orchid

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Genevieve Esson Beautiful; capture Hanne! Stunning! v/f

1 Hour Ago

Charles Bacon Jr - Cardinal In The Snow

Cardinal In The Snow

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Charles Bacon Jr Hello Mary, thank you, much appreciated!!!!!!

22 Minutes Ago

Jannice Walker - Wild Flower Days

Wild Flower Days

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Alana Thrower Love the colors and airy flowers! Very beautiful! l/f/g+/t/p

1 Hour Ago

Teresa Ascone - Forest Silhouettes

Forest Silhouettes

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Teresa Ascone Christopher, I am thrilled, thanks!

1 Hour Ago

David Lunde - Foothills Farm

Foothills Farm

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Heather King Jaw droppingly beautiful David ♥ L/F

1 Hour Ago

Ann Skelton - Burst Of Fall

Burst Of Fall

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Werner Padarin Beaut shot Ann - great composition and colours!

1 Hour Ago

David Lunde - Waterfall 1

Waterfall 1

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Heather King Stunningly beautiful David ♥ L/F

1 Hour Ago

Penny Meyers - Quiet Reflection

Quiet Reflection

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Penny Meyers Thanks so much, Heather!

38 Minutes Ago

Penny Meyers - Rising Above

Rising Above

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Penny Meyers Thank you, Heather!

35 Minutes Ago

Jean Yves Crispo - Loon


Donna Brown Excellent Jean. f

1 Hour Ago

Jean Yves Crispo - Bengale


Donna Brown Beautiful Jean.f

1 Hour Ago

Louise Reeves - Mill at Cuttalossa Farm

Mill at Cuttalossa Farm

Mary Bedy Beautiful, Louise!

1 Hour Ago

Carol Bradley - Preening


Donna Brown Awesome Carol.

1 Hour Ago

Elaine Ferrell - Glowing embers

Glowing embers

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Elaine Ferrell I'm happy you like this one Heather. Thank you.

1 Hour Ago

Morris Finkelstein - Vagrant Corn Crake

Vagrant Corn Crake

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Mike Timmons Great capture on this rare vagrant! Definitely jealous you saw it; let along got such a great image. Congrats!

1 Hour Ago

Dustin LeFevre - Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge

Hany J Awesome!! Beautifully photographed.

1 Hour Ago

Alana Thrower - Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

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Alana Thrower Thank you so much Jannice for featuring my photo in the group "Monthly Themed-November Theme- Giving Thanks"!

1 Hour Ago

John D Benson - Cats Eyes 13

Cats Eyes 13

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John D Benson Thank you Catherine, for your kind words!!!

14 Minutes Ago

Jean Noren - Yellow Flying Bird

Yellow Flying Bird

Tania Read Beautiful, I can only imagine the effect of light shinning through the stained glass. L/F

1 Hour Ago

Kay Brewer - Camellia Dreams

Camellia Dreams

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Denise Harty Beautiful...very nicely done!

1 Hour Ago

Kay Brewer - Neon Blast

Neon Blast

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Denise Harty Gorgeous abstract design!

1 Hour Ago

RC deWinter - Theater of Dreams

Theater of Dreams

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Genevieve Esson Beautiful composition RC! Lovely work! v/f

1 Hour Ago

Glyn Lovekin - BC ready for nosh-up

BC ready for nosh-up

Chook Lovekin To be enjoyed over a nosh up with friends, religious or otherwise.

1 Hour Ago

Bob VonDrachek - North Cascade Panorama

North Cascade Panorama

Maxine Billings WOW, Bob, what a spectacular & picturesque capture!!!

1 Hour Ago

Bob VonDrachek - Concrete in Color

Concrete in Color

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Maxine Billings WOW, Bob, what a fascinating capture!!!

1 Hour Ago

James Bender - Three Crosses Sunrise

Three Crosses Sunrise

Donna Brown Awesome beauty, God love, congratulation on your sale James. f

1 Hour Ago

Darrel Giesbrecht - Green Point, Long Beach

Green Point, Long Beach

Maxine Billings WOW, Darrel, what a breathtaking & picturesque capture with superb composition!!!

1 Hour Ago

Merton Allen - Ostrich at the Car

Ostrich at the Car

Maxine Billings WOW, Merton, cool capture!!!

1 Hour Ago

Heather King - A Forest Beauty

A Forest Beauty

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Wes Iversen Outstanding detail and a superb capture of this beautiful bird, Heather! L/F

10 Minutes Ago

Anna Serebryanik - Sun Walk

Sun Walk

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Jennifer Stackpole Gorgeous sunset and you captured it well!

47 Minutes Ago

Heather King - Perfect an any angle

Perfect an any angle

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Heather King Thanks so much Susana Lavega & Mary Bedy

1 Hour Ago

Kathryn Bell - Natural Bath

Natural Bath

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Morris Finkelstein Beautiful dog portrait painting, with great expression, colors, and composition, Kathryn! F/L

1 Hour Ago

Carol Groenen - Sedona Stripes

Sedona Stripes

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Donna Kennedy Fantastic color and detail Carol!...L

1 Hour Ago

First Star Art  - Life Blood Tree by jrr

Life Blood Tree by jrr

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Trudee Hunter I love the fabulous colours, composition and uniqueness of this wonderful image. L/F

1 Hour Ago

Marty Fancy - Cotton Reflections

Cotton Reflections

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Maxine Billings WOW, Marty, what a spectacular capture!!!

1 Hour Ago

James BO Insogna - Colorful Tree Branches Night

Colorful Tree Branches Night

Angelina Vick Beautiful capture of the fall sunset!

1 Hour Ago

Joanne Coyle - I Love Fall 2

I Love Fall 2

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Joan Rankin Hayes Beautiful ~ I love this! Such rich colors and textures.

1 Hour Ago

Susana Lavega - Nordic pearls

Nordic pearls

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Susana Lavega Thanks so much for your compliment. Very much appreciated, Morris.

1 Hour Ago

Janet Kruskamp - Bubba

Bubba's Tax Service, Aztec, New Mexico

Janet Kruskamp Thank you . Bubba is a real person whom I called asking for permission to use his real phone number, seen on the sign. He gave his permission...a real nice guy to talk to.

1 Hour Ago

Cynthia Riley - Tangled


Maxine Billings WOW, Cynthia, awesome capture with superb composition!!!

1 Hour Ago

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