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Don Gradner - Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution

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Joni Eskridge Pleasing combination of lines, colors, light and textures, Don.

37 Minutes Ago

Susan Lafleur - Scenic Gorham Pond #2

Scenic Gorham Pond #2

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Paul Quinn Great POV on this pond capture!!

37 Minutes Ago

Sara Broers - Big Sur Love

Big Sur Love

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Sara Broers Thank you, Jason!

38 Minutes Ago

Priscilla Burgers - Early Snowfall at Dallas Divide

Early Snowfall at Dallas Divide

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Neal Alicakos Beautiful capture, love the landscape.

38 Minutes Ago

Linsey Williams -  Winters Grip At Bradgate Park

Winters Grip At Bradgate Park

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Steven Reed Beautiful stark capture of winter!

38 Minutes Ago

Tara Shalton - Indifference 2

Indifference 2

Robert Bales So bright and very stunning presentation!! v/f/t

39 Minutes Ago

Anthony Lyon - The Magi

The Magi

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Elizabeth Tillar Anthony, your depiction of one of my favorite narratives is beautiful, and I love the detailed description! The confluence of science and religion in this midrash is described by you in a most fascinating way. The colors and details are impressive!...

39 Minutes Ago

Marian Voicu - San Antonio Skyline Silhouette

San Antonio Skyline Silhouette

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Marian Voicu Many thanks to the buyer from San Antonio, TX - United States, who purchased a 16.000" x 10.375" print of "San Antonio Skyline Silhouette".

39 Minutes Ago

Linda Troski - Cutting Cedar

Cutting Cedar

Robert Bales Great capture and nicely done!! I sure like the motion in the blade!! v/f/t

40 Minutes Ago

June Walker - Bird watcher

Bird watcher

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L Wright Congratulations your artwork is now featured in the Fine Art America Group "Vibrant Color Art!"

41 Minutes Ago

Paul MAURICE - Autumn in the Vosges mountains - France

Autumn in the Vosges mountains - France

Robert Bales What a great looking landscape Paul!! v/f/t

41 Minutes Ago

Don Gradner - Refueling


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Joni Eskridge Fun frame, Don. Very creative!

42 Minutes Ago

Rudy Umans - Sepia Lighthouse

Sepia Lighthouse

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Jan Dappen outstanding work in sepia, really presents this Lighthouse perfectly

24 Minutes Ago

Susan Lafleur - Conversation In The Park

Conversation In The Park

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Jan Dappen Exceptional processing of color and textures, beautiful uplifting scene

22 Minutes Ago

Miss Pet Sitter - Wall Decor Painting

Wall Decor Painting

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Miss Pet Sitter Thank you so much Dear Angeles M Pomata!

41 Minutes Ago

Don Gradner - Sunlit Yellow

Sunlit Yellow

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Joni Eskridge Like the textures, light and shadows of this image, Don!

43 Minutes Ago

Hartmut Jager - The Parchment Enigma

The Parchment Enigma

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Elizabeth Tillar Hartmut, this is a very captivating story-in-painting, with great expression, lovely hues, and mystery! l/f

44 Minutes Ago

Kat McClure - Waterfront


Soraya Silvestri Beautiful!

44 Minutes Ago

Jennifer White - Country Driveway

Country Driveway

Robert Bales Very nice composition, color and the use of light and shadows!! v/f/t

45 Minutes Ago

Jim Whalen - Abstract #330

Abstract #330

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Soraya Silvestri Absolutely beautiful!

45 Minutes Ago

Joni Eskridge - Erigeron Annuus Daisy Like Wildflower

Erigeron Annuus Daisy Like Wildflower

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Joni Eskridge Thanks so much, Don. Appreciate the visit!

45 Minutes Ago

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - Waterfall Wishes

Waterfall Wishes

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Elizabeth Tillar Stephen, this is a great companion piece to 'Fairy Tale Stream'! The elements of the scene, the falling/moving water, surrounding foliage, and unusual boulders make the composition superb! l/f

46 Minutes Ago

B Vesseur - Infatuation


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TN Fairey This is absolutely breathtaking Beth! Magnificent capture details and light of these beautiful gladiolus blooms! l/f

18 Minutes Ago

Esther Newman-Cohen - Two Trees in the Wind

Two Trees in the Wind

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Esther Newman-Cohen Thanks so much, Eric, for featuring this work in the Watercolor Only Group!

47 Minutes Ago

Jeff Townsend - Yellow Gazania Flower

Yellow Gazania Flower

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Michelle Tinger Excellent detail and lovely color contrast, very eye-catching

48 Minutes Ago

Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - A Memory You Won

A Memory You Won't Ever Forget

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Elizabeth Tillar Beautiful silhouettes of the horses emerging from a sea of autumn color! I love this work, Stephen! l/f

48 Minutes Ago

Donna Tucker - Hiding Treasure

Hiding Treasure

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Scott Pellegrin Congrats on your sale!

50 Minutes Ago

Darin Williams - Through the Portal

Through the Portal

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Skip Willits One just has to speculate on what lies behind each window....A great portrait of life in Verona.

50 Minutes Ago

Teshia Art - The Diver

The Diver

Scott Pellegrin Congrats on your sale!

50 Minutes Ago

Karen Regan - On The Job

On The Job

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Linda Troski Love real life photos.

51 Minutes Ago

Michael Chatman - Tlc


Scott Pellegrin Congrats on your sale!

51 Minutes Ago

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