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Yuri Santin - Slow flow

Slow flow

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Geraldine DeBoer Lovely image of the ocean and movement of the water. L.F.

5 Seconds Ago

Deb Halloran - For You Dear

For You Dear

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Cindy Treger Deb, this is stunning. f/l

39 Seconds Ago

Cindy Treger - Lovely Display - Common Buckeye

Lovely Display - Common Buckeye

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Cindy Treger Deb, thank you for the view, comment and fv.

1 Minute Ago

Jane Selverstone - Spiraling Toward the Light

Spiraling Toward the Light

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Andrew Wilson Creative perspective and perfectly composed!

1 Minute Ago

Michelle Cashatt - Focus


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Grace Iradian So cute and so beautiful portrait of kitty

2 Minutes Ago

TN Fairey - Brown Pelican - Rockport - Texas

Brown Pelican - Rockport - Texas

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B Vesseur Absolutely breathtaking in-flight capture Tessa, I know I've been here before. Stunning!!!......l/f/p

6 Minutes Ago

Michelle Cashatt - Molten Sea

Molten Sea

Grace Iradian Interesting with beautiful vibrant colours and most of all this I love this breathtaking texture

6 Minutes Ago

Jena Suits - Dale


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Jena Suits Thank You !!!

9 Minutes Ago

Johanna Hurmerinta - Soft Touch 2

Soft Touch 2

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Jane Selverstone Gorgeous soft color and tones!

9 Minutes Ago

Tina LeCour - Seasons Greetings Chickadee

Seasons Greetings Chickadee

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B Vesseur Beautiful card creation Tina!!!......l/f/p

9 Minutes Ago

John Telfer - A View From the Top of the Lighthouse

A View From the Top of the Lighthouse

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Paul Quinn That looks like a long drop! Great POV John!

9 Minutes Ago

Chris Fletcher - Berkswell churchyard

Berkswell churchyard

Sonali Gangane Awesome capture!L

9 Minutes Ago

Jasna Dragun - Wild Life

Wild Life

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Susan Lafleur Wonderful colors!

11 Minutes Ago

Deepa Sahoo - Soft Greens

Soft Greens

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B Vesseur I love them, and have them in my garden still...Gorgeous capture Deepa!........l/f

11 Minutes Ago

Joan Carroll - Sit Awhile

Sit Awhile

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Phyllis Taylor Nice textures! Cool capture.

12 Minutes Ago

Dale Powell - Coast Guard Approved

Coast Guard Approved

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Dale Powell Thank You Shoal Hollingsworth

12 Minutes Ago

Scott Wallace - Naso Tang Surgeon Fish

Naso Tang Surgeon Fish

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Digital Designs Thank you for the fantastic support Al

5 Minutes Ago

Scott D Van Osdol - Single Track Mind - Black and White

Single Track Mind - Black and White

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Linda Lees Terrific capture Scott, love your perspective. L/F

13 Minutes Ago

Deepa Sahoo - Yellow Beauties

Yellow Beauties

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B Vesseur You captured a field of yellow beauties Deepa! .......l/f

13 Minutes Ago

Lindley Johnson - Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse

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Judy Vincent Beautiful capture with excellent color and detail! This will be the “Lighthouse” photo of the day on the USA Photographers group home page for 9/25/17!

13 Minutes Ago

Sarah Loft - Helianthus


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Sarah Loft Thank you, Kristina!

13 Minutes Ago

Art Cole - Bodie Beams

Bodie Beams

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Judy Vincent Beautiful capture! This will be the “Lighthouse” photo of the day on the USA Photographers group home page for 9/25/17!

13 Minutes Ago

MM Anderson - Snow Angel

Snow Angel

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Dale Powell Beautiful Image

14 Minutes Ago

Yuri Lev - Leleka


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Yuri Lev Thank you for your visit and observations Debra. :-)

13 Minutes Ago

Catalina Walker - Firefly Lake

Firefly Lake

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Rachel Christine Nowicki Stunning work!!! Passion, energy and light! A captivating moment!!!

14 Minutes Ago

Stuart Litoff - Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs

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Tonia Delozier Aww. Wonderful capture.

14 Minutes Ago

TN Fairey - Cheetah Cubs

Cheetah Cubs

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B Vesseur These Cheetah cubs are so sweet, even though maybe they are dangerous also. Tessa there is such softness and beauty in this image...l/f/p

15 Minutes Ago

Len Stomski - HEY  What cha got

HEY What cha got

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Len Stomski Thank you Jim, Very much appreciated.

15 Minutes Ago

Sharon McConnell - Winter Walking Bridge

Winter Walking Bridge

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Phyllis Taylor What a lovely winter scene! Nice image!

16 Minutes Ago

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